The Value of Intent-Based Sales Strategy

Posted by Logan Kelly on December 14 2018

In normal Go-To-Market strategy formulation, companies discuss ways their competencies can potentially fit into a target market and then quickly match an offer or messaging to it. This has its limitations.

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Hit Your 2019 Sales Goals With Intent Based Sales

Posted by Logan Kelly on December 12 2018

2019 is set to be the year that intent-based sales comes of age. For years, marketers, CRM companies, and sales people have laid the groundwork for the paradigm shift in sales strategy that is about to occur on a huge scale. Up until now, marketers have worked hard to build the best workflows and conversion paths, CRM software has become progressively better at putting the right prospects in front of sales teams, and sales people have, in one way or another, given reams of feedback on what a “good lead” is.

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Outbound Done Right: Generate More Opportunities, Faster With Intent Based Sales

Posted by Logan Kelly on November 16 2018

The recent proliferation of marketing tools in the B2B space has brought what could very well be a golden age of lead generation. Shifts in platforms such as Pardot and Hubspot from purely inbound platforms to enabling and incorporating outbound marketing efforts is not just exciting, its probably overdue. 

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